2016 Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride

Rider’s Around,

It’s almost that time – the 2016 Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride is vastly approaching and Triumph of Westchester is ready to do our part to make sure our mate’s health issues are a priority.589c2b9edf4ccfbae52c3fd904aea97c

For those of you who don’t know about this ride (for shame!) it is a GLOBAL charity riding event that brings together some very well dressed riders on classic, vintage motorcycles for a great cause.

In the past, the Distinguised Gentlemen’s Ride or DGR has focused on men’s health issues; heavily on prostate cancer research. This year, as the website states, “the funding of suicide prevention programs is a DGR focus, in addition to prostate cancer research through our new official charity partner The Movember Foundation.” Get that facial hair ready, lads! The charity also hosts the support of title sponsors, Triumph Motorcycles and Zenith Watches. Go Triumph!

The first ride in 2012 yeilded a little over 2,500 riders in only 64 cities. In 2015 those numbers rose to 37,000  riders registered in over 410 cities in 79 COUNTRIES and raised over 2.3 million dollars in the US alone for prostate cancer research.

As if the cause wasn’t enough of a reason to join, this is a great opportunity to get out those custom coats and monicles and DO IT UP!

According to the DGR website:

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a celebration of the art of being dapper and classic custom motorcycles.

What does that mean, you ask?

Think: Monocles, jaunty trimmed moustaches, silk vests, 24gmra4y50ys0ccrisp shirts and tailored suits.

Ride: Cafe’ Racer, Bobber, Classic, Tracker, Scrambler, Old School Chopper, Modern Classic, Sidecar, Classic Scooter, Brat Styled motorcycles. Visit our style guide to check out the bikes that make The Distinguished Gentleman’s the unique event that it is.

Do: Bring your finest manners, neatest facial foliage, a sense of fun and a smile.

Pay: The ride is free however we encourage those riding to make a donation to the cause as well as consider helping reach our fundraising goals by getting friends, family and colleagues to donate via your personal fundraising page.

Facial foliage might be our new favorite phrase. For a guide on what to wear, be yourself BUT we found this helpful:

DGR Style Guide


That’s right – they’re doing it in STYLE in England, in Morocco, in India, in Panama, in Austrailia (where the ride originated) plus a lot more countries and in over 100 cities in the US this year – and WE’RE doing it in New York on September 25th.

We can’t find one damn reason to NOT participate in this incredible event.

With that said, we’re planning on getting a group together to ride – expect to see Rafal, Les and Peter decked out to the nines! And Peter, we expect a full beard, brother. Any customers or friends who want to ride with us are MORE than welcome! We’ll be registering this week and sending out a link to our group very soon so be sure to look out for that on our Facebook Page – and if you haven’t already, click that LIKE button, will ya!

We also want to know if you’re already registered because as a dealership that cares about our customers first, we want to support YOU!

Take a look at these pictures of some of our Distinguished Gentlemen friends from previous year’s events.

Send us your pictures from previous DGR!

All easy-to-follow guidelines, safety info and stats on Prostate Cancer and Suicide Prevention are listed on the DGR website.

We hope to see you all there!


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